Phenomenal Fudge Is Now Available Wholesale.

Wholesale Fudge: Six Pound Bars & Fudge Tubs

The fudge tubs are here at last! We can now, finally, offer to our wholesale accounts half-pound fudge tubs marketed in tamper-resistant, 4.5-inch diameter, round, see-through, plastic containers. They are tough and can be shipped in any weather, anytime and anywhere! Scroll down to place orders for half-pound tubs.

Verified retail businesses are welcome to buy fudge but first need to be approved by filling in the wholesale application. Over 40 Flavors Available, Click Here For Descriptions. If you have already been approved, please fill out the form below.

Order Fudge Here

Phenemonal Fudge Man ChefVerified retail businesses are welcome to buy our fudge at wholesale prices but first need to be approved. Retailers are invited to complete the "Wholesale Application Page". Please find the link to this form at the top of this page.

When we have verified your business we will notify you and you may begin ordering. To order, fax or phone your order to us at 802-897-7300 or email us at We will then contact you with your total including shipping for payment.

We make our fudge every day and wholesale orders are usually shipped within two business days of the order.

New: Fudge Tubs
Minimum order: 24 half-pound fudge tubs. Half-pound fudge tubs marketed in tamper-resistant, 4.5-inch diameter, round, see-through, plastic containers. Cost: $4.00 per tub for a total case cost of $96.00 plus shipping.

Six-pound bars of fudge
The cost per six-pound bar is $42.00 per bar or $7.00 per pound. Each bar is roughly 12 x 8 x 2 inches.

Storage Our fudge is a perishable item made with real cream and butter. It won’t necessarily “go bad” but will tend to dry out over time and be fairly hard. Bars of fudge will last up to three or four weeks and need to be tightly covered with a plastic storage bag at the end of the day.

For long term storage fudge can always be easily and safely frozen for months in a Ziploc freezer bag with no change to its original flavor, color or texture. Fudge will not freeze hard as ice but will become very firm and lock in the moisture which makes it soft and creamy when thawed. A few bars in the freezer will ensure that you won’t run out.

DisplayingWholesale Fudge
Bars of fudge can be displayed in two ways.

1. Fudge bars in retail stores can be placed on a Formica counter-top with a sneeze-guard between the customer and the fudge. The customer can see up to 12 bars of colorful, mouth watering fudge. The retailer can then custom-cut, weigh and box the fudge for the customer. We will gladly furnish you with a list of suppliers for all you’ll need to professionally present and sell Phenomenal Fudge.

2. Bars can also be pre-cut into equal-sized cubes. Each cube can be tied up in a baggie or wrapped in plastic wrap. Each bar is pre-scored into 24 roughly identical quarter-pound pieces.

Sampling for retail stores

Samples make the first sales so always sample, sample, sample. Your customers will love the special treatment and your sales of fudge will build as a result, not only right when they taste the fudge for the first time but also when they come back for more.