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Wholesale Fudge: FAQ’s

1. Is fudge perishable?
Since our fudge is made with real cream and butter it will melt when temperatures reach close to 80-degrees. Only stores with relatively cool conditions should be considered for this product. Fudge won’t necessarily “go bad” but will tend to dry out as time progresses. Bar fudge will dry out in three to four weeks.

2. Is the fudge guaranteed?
While Phenomenal Fudge is guaranteed it is not a guaranteed sale. Fudge damaged in shipping or deemed unsuitable for sale need to be returned to Phenomenal Fudge within one week from delivery. Please email us or call for instructions.

3. How is the fudge best stored?
Our fudge is perishable, made with real cream and butter. It won’t necessarily “go bad” but will tend to dry out over time and turn hard. Bars of fudge will last three to four weeks but need to be tightly covered with a plastic storage bag at the end of the day.

For long term storage fudge can always be easily and safely frozen for months in a Ziploc style freezer bag with no change to its original flavor, color or texture.

4. How is fudge shipped?
We ship fudge via UPS Regular Ground service. Merchants can select faster options and view the shipping costs at the check out page. Upon receipt of your order merchants should make sure the fudge is brought down to room temperature before opening. The fudge packages can be placed in a refrigerator or freezer or set aside to cool down overnight.

5. How soon will we receive our order?
Orders are processed and shipped within two business days of receipt of your order. Shipments from our business in Vermont to New England states are often overnight while to the west coast will take a full week.

6. What is the allergy information?
While we take great precautions against contamination between flavors there is always a chance of trace that may occur. Our fudge is manufactured on the same equipment that processes tree nuts, egg and wheat and contains soy and milk. We also use potassium sorbate which is a mold inhibitor. A few of the flavors use food colorings along with natural and/or artificial flavorings.

7. Why are the fudge bars pre-scored?
The bars are pre-scored into 24 two-inch square sections each roughly one-quarter pound. This will help your sales staff to quickly estimate the weight of the usual orders of either quarter, half or full pound sections. If the bars are not displayed on a counter top the sections can also be easily cut and wrapped in plastic to be displayed in a basket by the register or frozen for a later date.

Wholesale Fudge: Why you should sell Phenomenal Fudge!

1. Phenomenal Fudge is a consumable product so they’ll come back for more.

2. Phenomenal Fudge is a crowd pleaser, especially when you give out samples.

3. Phenomenal Fudge promotes excellent word-of-mouth advertising for your store.

4. Phenomenal Fudge is made with real cream and butter.

5. Phenomenal Fudge is soft and creamy, not hard and grainy.

6. Phenomenal Fudge can be sold in 6-lb. bars and ¼ lb. squares.

7. Phenomenal Fudge has fudge displays you can get for free with a minimum order.

8. Phenomenal Fudge orders are shipped within two business days.

9. Phenomenal Fudge ships throughout the year.

10. Phenomenal Fudge can be frozen for up to a year in perfect condition.

11. Phenomenal Fudge can be cross-merchandised with other items in your store.

12. Phenomenal Fudge bars are available in over 30 flavors.

13. Phenomenal Fudge tubs are not available anymore.

14. Phenomenal Fudge bars are pre-scored for easy cutting.

15. Steve and Robin have been making Phenomenal Fudge for 28 years.

16. And best of all, Phenomenal Fudge has a 100% product guarantee. Your next step…

Fill in the wholesale application form today at, get approved and you can start selling Phenomenal Fudge…next week!


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