Take advantage of our Free Fudge Display Promotions

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Take advantage of our FREE Fudge Display Promotions

FREE Sneeze-Guard for Phenomenal Fudge six-pound fudge bars
Most all county health departments require stores to have a sneeze-guard installed in front of any display of open bars of fudge. Our portable Plexiglas sneeze-guard (A $100 value and similar to the one shown below) is FREE when you order 12 six-pound bars of fudge. You choose which length you need: four, five or six feet.

How to display Phenomenal Fudge bars

Position your fudge display right next to the cash register so that your staff can give samples and make sales at the same time.

Most county health departments require a sneeze-guard when bars are displayed in the open and you can get a free one from us when you order 12 six-pound bars. Our Plexiglas sneeze-guard kit is easily assembled and sets on top of your counter top. We offer them in four, five or six-foot lengths that come with clips for assembly.

Your health department will probably also require that the surface the fudge bars sit upon is washable. Buy a Formica board from your local lumber yard that will fit on top of your counter. Fudge bars are displayed on top of the Formica board with the sneeze-guard sitting on top of the board.

We ship our fudge all year via UPS Regular Ground service from our business in Vermont. Regardless of the weather our fudge is made so that it will be reasonably firm in your store in temperatures up to 80 degrees. When you receive the fudge bars bring them down, or up, to room temperature before taking them out of the box.

Each Phenomenal Fudge bar is lined with parchment paper and slipped into its own plastic freezer bag and tightly packed in a box. The individual boxes are then packed together in a second box.

Fudge should never be hit with direct sunlight as it will soften. Fudge can be safely frozen in a freezer bag for up to a year but should be thawed within the freezer bag before removal so that condensation doesn’t form directly on the fudge.

When displaying the fudge bars tear away exposed pieces of the parchment paper. Use a metal spatula to cut the fudge, food wrap tissue to handle it, a digital scale to weigh it and a “candy” box to put it in for the customer. Don’t use a baggie as the fudge will soften on a hot day.

Every bar is pre-scored into 24 two-inch squares each roughly one-quarter pound which will make it easy for your staff to cut off quarter, half or full pound pieces. Bars of fudge start drying out after three weeks so cover them with plastic bags when the store is closed. There's no need to actually put a bar in its own bag.

You can get FREE sneeze-guard, valued at $100, for FREE when you order 12 six-pound bars of Phenomenal Fudge. The guards come in four, five or six-foot lengths.

How to display Phenomenal Fudge round tubs

If your counter space is limited and you just don’t have the space for our six-pound bars of fudge then our sturdy, black, wire rack displays will be perfect for you to stock Phenomenal Fudge half-pound tubs.

Phenomenal Fudge tubs are just the right size for your customers to pick up some rich and creamy fudge; a very sweet impulse purchase! The rack is available with a minimum order of 24 tubs.

The narrow display has a 12 inch front, is 12 1/4 inches deep, 23 inches high and holds 40 tubs. This rack costs $40 but that price is offset with an additional five free tubs.

The wider display has the same height and depth as the narrow display but is 20 inches wide and holds 80 tubs. This rack costs $50 but that price is offset with an additional seven free tubs.

Both display racks have three shelves with each shelf containing angled “slides” which present the fudge tubs to your customers. Refilling the display is conveniently done from the back side as the tubs slide toward the front.