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Wholesale Fudge: Merchandising Materials

Displaying fudge is one thing while safely handling it is quite another. Once you get a system down it is fairly easy to sample and sell Phenomenal Fudge.

Check your local restaurant supply stores, kitchen shops, hardware stores or the big box stores for supplies to help you serve and sell fudge, however if you’re short on time you can also find these items at nextag.com as well as lots of other online stores.

And don’t forget to contact your county health department to make sure you are doing things right the first time! When Phenomenal Fudge first began our inspector was very helpful in directing us to sources to obtain the necessary materials and supplies we needed to pass their inspections.

  1. Plastic sampling spoons can be found at: http://www.nextag.com/plastic-spoons/stores-html

  2. White candy boxes can be found at: http://www.nextag.com/white-candy-boxes/stores-html

  3. Food wrap tissues to handle the fudge can be found at: http://www.nextag.com/quicksheets-food-wrap/shop-html

  4. Digital deli-type scales can be found at: http://www.nextag.com/digital-deli-scale/stores-html

To save time you can purchase our merchandising kit that has all the essentials you’ll need to sell our fudge. This way you can experiment with what works best for you. Reorders can be made directly to the manufacturers of the various items.

Phenomenal Fudge Retail Store Merchandising Starter Kit: $65

  1. ¼ pound two-inch square wrap kit to wrap 150 squares:
    a. 6 sheets of ingredient labels (25 each)
    b. 6 strips of fudge labels (25 each)
    c. 3 packets of cello-wraps (50 each)
  2. 24 four-oz. clear plastic clam shell containers
  3. One box of 1000 food wraps, 10”x10.75”
  4. One price sign
  5. One allergy information sticker
  6. One bag of 500 plastic, disposable sampling spoons
  7. One bundle of 25 half-pound candy boxes
  8. One bundle of 25 one-pound candy boxes
  9. One metal-edged spatula with a wooden handle

If you need further information for suppliers please let us know.